A mobile application for stressed users at the airport.

UX/UI        14 WEEKS       2023

AVIATE is a place where flyers can feel at ease and less stressed about their traveling experience with all the information they need from planning all the way to their final destination.

For those who get stressed and anxious at the airport due to chaos and timing, Aviate will inform users of wait times at security, check-in kiosks, and will show the status of available seating at their gates and parking spots.

Behind the Project

The Ideation

AVIATE is a project very close to my heart. It was the first time that I was able to create a project from scratch with almost no limitations. Having little restrictions acted as a double-edged sword because yes it was nice being free to do whatever I wanted yet hard to narrow things down. The idea of AVIATE came to me during my time at Penn State. Because the school is in the middle of Pennsylvania in small-town State College, whenever I went home to Miami, FL for breaks it was a hassle. First off there were never direct flights, prices were high, and it was always such a long day traveling alone. 


The Moodboard

Considering that AVIATE was supposed to be an app for a stress-free traveling experience, I knew early on in the process that I wanted the branding to evoke a calm essence and for the aesthetic and function to be simple to not overwhelm the users more than they may be while traveling. 

The Lo Fis

AVIATE was the largest project I worked on while at school and because it was such a large app, there were so many lo-fis to show for it. Below are just some snippets of different sections within the app.  Planning the layout at this point in the project was super helpful because I ended up changing things quite a bit before getting into the high fidelity prototype. 


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