Sun Kiss

Product and Packaging design for an athletic sunscreen brand.

BRANDING        PACKAGING        PRODUCT DESIGN        UX/UI       4 WEEKS        2022

Between 2009-2019, the number of new invasive Melanoma cases diagnosed in the US is estimated to have increased by over 40%

Behind the Project

The Sketches

One portion of the project was to create a package that the products would come in. I envisioned the Sun Kiss packaging with a flip-up cover which reveals the products. To take out the products, the slip in which they are kept in has to be pulled out of the box.

The Logo

Creating the logo and key visual for the project was fun. I knew I wanted the branding for sunkiss to be rather unisex, therefore, I didn’t want anything too girly OR too masculine. I wanted to focus on athletes and create a sporty product. I found that one way to follow through with that idea was to keep things simple. A simple logo can be approved by all and so I did just that. As you can see I kept the type bold and simple but added a secret hint of color making it feel sleek and modern.


The Key Visual

Working on the key visual was also a fun experience. I decided to take this time and experiment. To get the key visual, I manipulated a random photo I had taken of the water, zoomed in, and played around with it on Photoshop. It was a great time playing around and learning more about the program and its cool features while also coming up with a visually appealing image to use for this project.