Victoria’s Secret

An animated video inspired by the story of the origins of Victoria’s Secret

MOTION        4 WEEKS       2023

Who is lingerie really for? Women or men?

Victoria’s Secret was founded by a man named Roy Raymond who wanted to feel more comfortable shopping in a lingerie section for his wife.

Behind the Project

The Storyboard

This project was very exciting to work on because it was the first project in which I experimented with animation. To start it off, I created a storyboard in which I planned out how I wanted the video to flow. It included main scenes as well as transitions. One of the project requirements is that it remains a 10-15 second video. With that, the storyline and storyboard remained simple and straight to the point. Little did I know what I was about to get myself into.

The Styling

The original styling inspiration for the video was fashion sketches. After critiques and feedback, I felt that that particular styling was not the way I wanted to go. Because the concept of the project is that it’s a man’s world and women just live in it, I wanted to focus on styling it in a way that was more relatable to men than women. With that in mind, I decided to experiment with more of a comic aesthetic. 


The Animation

For those who don’t know, cel animation is when each frame of the animation is hand drawn on a transparent paper and each small sketch together creates a longer motion composition. Nowadays we have more advanced technology therefore instead of using transparent paper, I used Procreate and its animation assist function. I still had to draw each frame individually but instead of drawing it on transparent paper, it would automatically put the image on a new page, making it easier to animate all together. I am not particularly great at drawing people, let alone animating them, so below I show my reference photos that helped me throughout my process as well as my animation.